Born in Buenos Aires, her profession of origin is Psychology. From that place and thanks to his own experiences, she gives a very particular imprint to her works. Starting from the nuclear concept of “Resilience”, it deals with issues that have to do fundamentally with the communication and the look (intro and extrospective). Considering these aspects globally, one can clearly observe their interest in Cultural Diversity and the conception of Women in the 21st Century, with all that this theme implies. She won the 3er Award in the exhibition in the National of Visual Arts Museum of Malasya, in october 2018.

One of her paintings was selected to conform the Cultural pathrimony in the Argentinian Embassy in Malasia and other to be part of the permanente paintings in the National Museum of Visual Arts of Kuala Lumpur, Malasia.

On September 26-29/2019 she had presented her paintings in Affordable Art Fair NYC Fall edition . Her work could be seen in ArtBA Gallery Booth A19. This Gallery was selected and finalist to win Curatorial Excellence Award.



 . February and March in Madrid, with Prado Goyart Internacional.

. March, Arco in Madrid with Goyart Inernational.

. March in , Carmel Barcelona ,show about the Quijote.

. March in the Latín Art Museum of Pomona, Los Ángeles, with Arfa. Show about the Internacional women month.

. Augusto in Buenos Aires, Argentina, BADA, in it’s 8th edition

.September 26-29 in Affordable Art Fair Fall edition . ArtBA Gallery. Booth A19

. January in NY, United States, during, in the “Migrations” Show with the Goyart International organization.
. February, in Madrid, in ARCO.
. February, with Galeria Goyart, at the Latino Art Museum in Pomona, Los Angeles, a work that today forms part of the permanent exhibition.
.March exhibited in “El Vivero” by Estilo Pilar, for the 3rd year
consecutive, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
.March, X Salon de Otoño of Madrid, with Goyart International.
. March, in commemoration of the month of women, Montjuic Cultural Center of Barcelona, ​​as well as in the Gallery Arteria Latina de Barcelona
. May, Shows in the Chamber of Commerce of Granada.
. June, I participate again in the Gallery Arteria Latina de
Barcelona, ​​with a work in BIG SIZE
. July, participated in the Bellman Gallery, in Stockholm.
. September, participated in the Galeria Prado Goyart in Madrid.
. September, with the Goyart International organization, will participate in Paris at the Bateau Daphne Gallery
. September will participate in the annual show of the Tarbut school in Buenos Aires, 2nd. Consecutive year
. October, will participate in Esquivias, Toledo, in the Museum House of Cervantes Saavedra for 150 of the Quixote of La Mancha.
. October 12 to 15, will participate for the 7th consecutive year, of the
BADA Fair; Direct of Artist, that will be realized in Buenos Aires in the halls of the Rural one of Buenos Aires.
. October, has been selected again to participate in the exhibition that will be held by ARFA, Argentina Art Festival, which will take place from October 24 to 28 at the National Museum of Malasya.

. March, “Pacheco Central”, by Estilo Pilar.
. August participated for the 6th consecutive year at the BADA Fair; Direct of Artist, that was realized in the predidio of the Rural one of Buenos Aires.
. September was selected to participate in the annual Tarbut School of Buenos Aires.
. November was selected by ARFA; Argentina Art Festival, to participate in the show that was held at the Latino Art Museum in Pomona, Los Angeles.

. March participated in the show “Lagoon” by Estilo Pilar.
. May participated in an exhibition organized by the ART WORK Gallery at the Teatro Argentino de La Plata.
. September, I participated for the 5th consecutive year in the BADA sample; Direct of Artist in the Rural of Buenos Aires.
. November participated in a show at the Hilton Hotel.


. May participated in the ARDI sample
. September participated for 4th. Consecutive Year of the BADA Fair, Direct of Artist, which took place in Pilar, Pcia. from Buenos Aires.
. November participated in the exhibition of the ART WORK Gallery, at the Hipodromo de Palermo, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2014, 2013 and 2012
. September at the BADA Fair, Artist Direct, which was held in Pilar, Buenos Aires.
. Also participated in those years of some private exhibitions and has exhibited at Boutique Hotels such as Soho Point and Pueblo Polo in specific events.